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RFID World 2007 + IEEE RFID 2007
Without a doubt, RFID World is the “big tent” for the RFID industry. It's the one place where the entire RFID industry – from suppliers to adopters and everyone in between – meets
annually. There is a lot to see and learn at RFID World, and a lot of ground to cover. We hope that these three days prove to be practical and informational, and the event will continue to exceed your expectations.

RFID, like any other technology, is fueled by innovation. With more than 200 exhibitors expected, you'll see and experience RFID innovations first-hand. This will be the largest display of RFID products and solutions anywhere in the world – all under one roof. You'll see hardware, software, mediaware, and even an RFID-enabled DHL delivery van that utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technologies, representing the future of transportation and logistics.

RFID World also offers unprecedented educational opportunities that encompass all of the important aspects of RFID technology and associated solutions. The comprehensive education tracks include objective, vendor-neutral sessions assembled to maximize the information exchange to attendees, allowing you to customize your learning experience.

RFID solution providers will lend their expertise on the technology side, while end-users will share their real-world experiences in applying the technology. You will learn about sensor networks, NFC, item level tagging, data analytics, dual frequency readers and tags, product authentication, real time location systems, personal identification, security, privacy, and much, much more. Speakers are chosen based on experience, insight and real-world knowledge of RFID and are approved by our Board of Advisors.

RFID is truly one of the most unique technologies simply because of the diversity of applications and how it threads into the fabric of so many various market sectors. The retail supply chain market continues to evolve and grow at it's own pace. Millions of RFID-enabled credit cards are in the hands of consumers. Personal identification using RFID is growing
rapidly. Factory automation applications of RFID continue to expand. New applications continue to emerge. 2007 promises to be the most exciting year in RFID.

CMP Technology's goal is to continue delivering the leading RFID event, while building other opportunities for the industry. We look forward to hosting you in Dallas, March 26-28.

Date: 2007/3/26 ~ 2007/3/28

Venue: Dallas, U.S.A

Website: http://www.shorecliffcommunications.com/RFID07/

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