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CIMT2007 -- The 10th China International Machine Tool Show
The 10th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2007) will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on April 9-15,2007. CIMT2007 is one of the big four professional machine tool show in the world,and the biggest, the most widespread international professional machine tool show in China.

As the organizer of CIMT,China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association took the show,from the very beginning,as a permanent work with the long term view instead of as short term interests. And with the accumulated 20 year’s experience,CMTBA is confident enough to undertake the responsibility to organize it to be the best,the biggest show of the industry in China. Now,CIMT has become a high-level international show that enjoys the reputation of modernism and attractiveness at home and abroad.

Now,Chinese machine tool market is gradually expanding,and requiring imperiously high capability CNC machine tool. Under such circumstances,CIMT2007 will become a platform,which is set up jointly by Chinese machine tool industry and its global counterparts,for the participants to communicate & cooperate with each other. It will fully play the role of bridge for the exhibitioners to get more business chances. We do believe that CIMT will step up onto a new stage,and win a new success under the auspices of the participants from the machine tool industry at home and abroad.

CIMT2007 will still be held at China International Exhibition Center for the reason of the delayed construction of the new exhibition center,where we promised CIMT2007 to be held at during the CIMT2005,so we apologize for being unable to provide enough exhibition area to meet the requirement of the exhibitioners from abroad. In spite of that,we are still expecting the exhibitioners to show their most advanced,high capability CNC machine tool and functional components to upgrade CIMT2007 to a new stage.

China Machine Tool & Builders’ Association,through the elaborate preparations,now is ready for providing excellent service to the exhibitioners,participants and all friends from the
industry at home and abroad.

Date: 2007/4/9 ~ 2007/4/15

Venue: Beijing, China

Website: http://www.cimtshow.com/ebusiness/en/

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