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Solution of Displacement / Potentiometer / Angle linearity sensor analog signal
Industry field numerical control tool, three COMERO etc., usually transmit displacement, potentiometer, angle sensor signal amplifier, converter, isolated, then to control system.

Sunyuan Potentiometer transmitter adopts input filter, input protection circuit, high accuracy base IC power supply circuit/coverter/Zero(Span) adjustment circuit, it can connect 220VAC or DC powered, it can make displacement, potentiometer, angle sensor signal amplifier, converter, isolated.

Feature and Application:
1.Accuracy Grade: (Non-isolation)0.02~0.05, (Isolation)0.05/0.1/0.2
2.Extremely high linearity in whole process(nonlinearity<0.05%)
3.Need not calibrate, modular Design, easy Maintain.
4.Input potentiometer signal: 0-50Ω/0-100Ω/0-200Ω/0-500Ω /0-1KΩ/0-2KΩ/0-5KΩ /0-10KΩ
Output standard voltage signal: 0-5V/0-10V/1-5V/0-±5V/0-±10V
Output standard current signal: 0-10mA/0-20mA/4-20mA,with high load capability.
5.Non-Isolation type:High linearity,high accuracy.
Isolation type:Electromagnet Isolation and Photoelectrical Isolation.
6.Three-port isolation:input/power supply/output, it can improve anti-jamming capability.
7.Power supply:220VAC/24VDC/12VDC/5VDC
8.Two wires signal transfer, supply voltage: 9~36VDC.
9.Install styles: (1)Internal insert (2) weldable to PCB directly (3)waterproof case mounting (4)DIN Rail-mounted
10.Position transmitter signal amplify/converter/isolation/transfer
11.CE Approved


More details, please check the datasheet:

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